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IMPACT climbing walls are composed of many intricate parts including the base superstructure, beautifully handbuilt walls, and one-of-a-kind coating texture. The sum of all three parts result in a timeless canvas with the durability to withstand commercial use.


IMPACT Climbing Walls are completely prefabricated in our facility in Milton. Our climate controlled facility provides optimal conditions for the curing of all finishes. This ensures the highest level of quality control. Each stage of production is documented and signed-off by our manufacturing team before delivery. 

Our Structure

All of our climbing structures begin with practical designs made of reinforced steel and inspected by structural engineers. This is what gives our walls a solid feel. Each panel is supported with cross bracing to minimize shake and panel flex. Safety comes first, always.

Our Walls

IMPACT climbing walls are made of premium 13 -layer birch plywood, to provide maximum durability. This is the stiffest plywood available to give our walls the least amount of flex, providing a stable climbing surface to inspire confidence in climbers. So when your climbers are projecting, they can focus entirely on the climb.

Our Textures

What truly sets us apart from other climbing wall manufacturers is our proprietary textures: Velvet GRIP and Talon GRIP. The properties are all in the name.

This is our most popular climbing surface, and truly unique in the climbing market. Three years of development led to a texture that offers the perfect blend of grip and friction, without being overly abrasive. These unique properties are what give it a velvety feel, providing friction for climbing shoes without being hard on the skin. This balance is what climbing gym owners and climbers appreciate. It also reduces climbing shoe wear compared to other climbing wall manufacturers.

Need more bite? TalonGRIP is the solution. All the benefits of our popular VelvetGRIP, with a slightly more abrasive texture for increased friction. Which is better? It's your choice.

Which Texture is Right for You?

For climbing areas where smearing is more popular such as slab or flat walls, opt for TalonGRIP. For everything else, nothing beats VelvetGRIP.


Friction is everything. Too much friction is hard on the skin. This leads to decreased training time and an increase in injuries. Torn skin doesn’t make for good climbing. VelvetGRIP has a velvety smooth initial touch that is unparalleled in the climbing industry.


When installing volumes and set screws for climbing holds, our textures offer minimal splintering of the wood, and leave only a small screw hole behind. That means more materials lasting longer.


Climbing walls are a big investment. Having a product that lasts is essential. Beyond the benefits listed above, these textures create less wear and tear on rental climbing shoes. A big problem with aggressive surface textures is how quickly they destroy your gear. With Velvet GRIP, climbing gym owners don’t need to replace their rental gear as frequently. That means less annual costs and more money into your business.

3 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty covers excessive surface cracking and wearing of the exterior finish, which is defined as cracking of the textured climbing surface that imposes the risk of de-laminating or pieces of the climbing wall breaking off. Excessive wearing is defined as the wearing of the wall texture surface to the point where epoxy with texture is breaking off the plywood and exposing the plywood. It is assumes that the act of rock climbing on this surface will wear some of the aggregate texture off over time and this climbing wear is not covered under the warranty. The steel structure is also covered under the warranty for three years.

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