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Reasons to Choose Impact Climbing Inc.

Let Impact Climbing Help Make Your Concept a Reality

When you’re setting out to open your own climbing gym or fitness facility with a climbing wall, there are a lot of unknowns that require professional input — from square footage requirements, ceiling heights, industry standards, what to charge for membership fees, and more. Impact Climbing has been intimately involved in the climbing industry for nearly two decades, and in that time we’ve become experts in helping new climbing businesses start off on the right foot. Here are four great reasons why you can trust Impact Climbing to help your climbing project hit the ground running!

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Consulting For Your Climbing Wall Construction Project

Our consulting package is tailor-made to educate climbing gym administrators on the industry best practices and to provide entrepreneurs all of the necessary tools to secure funding for their climbing wall projects. Modern climbing gyms are real businesses that are capable of generating profits and providing quality services to customers. Set your business up for success with Impact Climbing’s consultation services for management professionals specializing in climbing facilities!

Developing a Climbing Wall Business Plan

Over our decades of experience, we’ve developed a comprehensive climbing wall business plan called “GymPlan.” This is a complete climbing gym business plan that is based on the success of over 80 different climbing gyms that we’ve helped establish across North America. This plan includes invaluable tools, such as actual financial statements from successful climbing gyms, operating agreements, FAQs, the Climbing Wall Association’s Operational Practices manual, and unlimited support.

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Cutting-Edge Climbing Wall Construction

When it comes to quality climbing wall construction, nobody does it better than Impact Climbing. All of the climbing walls and hardware that we install are done so to meet all CE and EN standards. The construction of all climbing walls is done so to comply with the strict design standards of the Climbing Wall Association and is overseen by professional and licensed engineers. The bottom line is this — our construction team is outstanding and they will work hard to meet the deadlines of your project.

Climbing Wall Training Programs

Having a properly and professionally trained staff goes hand-in-hand with having high-quality and engaging climbing walls. It’s important that your gym’s staff is trained up with safe and effective management strategies and can supervise the use of climbing walls and equipment. Our training programs cover everything from the fundamentals of climbing to advanced skills like lead climb training and route-setting. 

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When you’re ready to begin your climbing gym, you can lean on Impact Climbing’s expertise and breadth of knowledge! Our team can answer all of your questions and keep you informed about the latest trends in the climbing industry. Contact us today to get started on your project!