Impact climbing volumes are made with the same precision carpentry as our climbing walls. Forty unique shapes and growing, our in-house team is always expanding our catalogue to keep the line-up fresh. Each design was inspired by natural and un-natural shapes to create visually stunning climbable works of art that allow you to climb on any angle.




They’re designed to inspire setters to be creative and allow our volumes to be equally as effective when used as holds or to completely alter the climbing terrain as you choose. Each shape was intricately designed to work with and fit with others in the family, or mix and match throughout the entire line-up to create unique combinations.



SKU: 49
  • 3' x 3' x 8.5"

  • IMPACT volumes come with a one-year limited warranty on materials and manufacturing. This warranty covers excessive cracking in the joints but does not cover volume edges which may be prone to damage from handling. Take special care with volumes to preserve edges. Velvet GRIP™, Talon GRIP™ and Glass GRIP™ surface texture comes with a two-year limited warranty for wear through to the sub-straight. This warranty does not cover cracking from screws through the wood outside the provided holes. Please use special care with screw-on holds and avoid screws at less than a 70° angle

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