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IMPACT is Climbing

A beautiful facility begins with beautiful designs. We can create IMPACT climbing walls in vibrant solid colours, wood stain finishes, or any combination of the two for a look that expresses your brand to perfection. The IMPACT difference is durable climbing surfaces with timeless designs: the ultimate canvas for your clientele.

You want a unique, customized climbing wall or structure? IMPACT will build you one.


Our contact form may have a lot of information, but it substantially minimizes the back and forth.  We’ll contact you with any remaining questions and provide an estimate.


In this phase, we create the superstructure of your climbing wall - the skeletal framework that foundationalizes your vision.


Depending on the size and location of your project, we will either come visit your site or set up a video stream to get a feel for the space to fully understand your vision. We will walk you through the entire process so we know if we need certain paperwork such as permits or city inspections.


IMPACT arrives! We install the manufactured framework in your space and then the fun begins! Our handcrafted panels with your choice of texture are installed and the skeleton starts to come together!


Once we have a clear vision of your ideas with a contract in place, we’ll create a 3D SketchUp model that considers traffic flow, fall zones and overall functionality of your space. IMPACT makes your dreams a reality - and you get to see it in action.


In the last phase of the IMPACT process, we provide a full walk-through inspection, showing you how to maintain and service your facility. You then receive the IMPACT manual - a custom package that teaches you everything you need to know about your unique structure.