Deep Down, We All Have An Inner Ninja

IMPACT Ninja Warrior Courses are designed to incorporate running, jumping, vaulting, climbing and balance to create a fun adventure while providing an amazing workout. There are nearly 100 unique elements to choose from. Spartan, mud, obstacle and adventure races are the latest trend to hit the fitness industry - and our courses provide participants a way to train for these types of events. If you think these courses are just for adults, think again! We have a whole line of courses specifically for children too.

The Fitness Benefits of Ninja

Ninja is an all encompassing workout both physically and mentally as parkour moves require quick, smart thinking. Work your arms, back, quads and pretty much everything else!  Our Ninja courses prepare your muscles to maneuver through every obstacle without error.

Ninja frames are sturdy aluminum box truss frames specifically engineering to withstand the flex and torsional twisting.  That makes for the highest level of strength and quality.

While they may look like stage lighting, IMPACT’s Ninja Warrior trusses are permanently secured for with strategic cross-bracing to ensure the strongest support for obstacles.

Each ninja course is based around a 8' wide x 20' long x 13' tall aluminum box frame. These frames are then assembled together and installed to give a course however big your budget and space allows. Elevated courses are also available.

The Aluminum Truss System

Single Frame

Elevated Frame

2x4 Frame

1x3 Frame Concept

with Warped Walls

2x8 Elevated Frame Concept

2x4 Frame Concept

with Warped Wall


Ninja warrior incorporates rock climbing with parkour and obstacle course racing skills.  It's an exciting sport that will add a big attraction to your facility.


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Obstacle Selection

To see a full range of nearly 100 obstacles to choose from, download our Ninja Obstacles Catalogue.

Frequently Asked Ninja Questions

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