An Interactive Climbing Experience

IMPACT Free Climb is every child’s playground dream! Each wall is designed and manufactured with the utmost care and all aspects are approved by a certified structural engineer. Once the walls have been shipped to your site and installed, we train your staff on their proper usage. Our walls come with state of the art auto belay systems that allow climbers to climb without a belay partner. Less staff required, less waiting for a climb, and more happy climbers!

Our Free Climb walls can be custom designed to suit your needs. If your facility has a special theme, we will work with you to find the right fit. If you’d like to add challenges to your Free Climb walls, we can make that happen too. Our walls can be outfitted with spinning holds, lighting, running water, and speed timers - more fun stuff to create unique play spaces and encourage physical activity. Have a look through our options below! 

Interested in learning how much fun your space can hold?

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Here's a few past project examples of our Free Climb walls

Speed Wall

Challenge yourself to see how fast you can climb a wall! IMPACT Speed Walls include LED timers and touch pads for start and finish. Our optional sound system counts down the start and can cheer you on as you climb. Two speed walls can be placed side by side so your climbers can race each other to the top.

Face Off Tower

Clear acrylic panels allow your climbers to see the person climbing opposite to them. Race a friend or challenge them to follow your moves up the wall. Each wall is laid out with the exact same holds and pattern so each person experiences the same climb.

Black Out Tower

Glow in the dark holds make this a unique climbing experience. This wall can be designed inside one of our walls, or set up as a stand-alone challenge.

The Blox

Climb giant cubes on Blox! This Free Play structure is a real showpiece and will be a big hit in your space.

Spinning Disc Wall

This wall is designed with various sized protruding discs that spin. Great for balance and agility.

Pole Walk

The pole walk challenges individuals to walk on top of the poles to reach the top.

Cargo Net Climb

This thrilling climb simulates scaling up the side of a ship.

Leap Tower

Unleash your inner action hero on the Leap Tower. Take a leap to reach the hand hold. If you fall, you’re safely lowered to the ground on an auto belay system. Available in double or single configuration.

Maze Wall

Navigate the vertical maze to find the best grip and footing to make it to the top.