Add Dimension to Climbing

The most unique shapes available, IMPACT Climbing Volumes stand out! From small stackable designs to large Hedron behemoths, our volumes will enable route setters to produce striking, complex three-dimensional climbing to liven up any terrain.

Furniture Grade Woodworking

IMPACT Climbing Volumes are made with the same precision carpentry as our climbing walls. 38 unique shapes and growing, our in-house team is always expanding our catalogue to keep the line-up fresh. Each design was inspired by natural and un-natural shapes to create visually stunning climbable works of art that allow you to climb on any angle. They're designed to inspire setters to be creative and allow our volumes to be equally as effective when used as holds or to completely alter the climbing terrain as you choose. Each shape was intricately designed to work with and fit with others in the family, or mix and match throughout the entire line-up to create unique combinations.

Volume Clusters

IMPACT climbing volumes were designed to interact with one another to create visually stunning clusters to customize the climbing terrain. Each series features shapes with dimensions and angles that fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Setters can combine sets or mix and match to create unique designs that will catch attention and no-doubt, climb awesome!

Are you psyched yet?

Just like our climbing walls, IMPACT volumes are coated with your choice of our proprietary textures called Velvet GRIP and Talon GRIP. These are amazing and highly durable surfaces offering two levels of friction.

A Surface Texture Like No Other

Our most popular climbing surface is truly unique in the climbing market. 3 years of develop led to a texture that offers the perfect blend of grip and friction, without being overly abrasive. It's these unique properties that give it a velvety feel that offers excellent friction for climbing shoes, that's also skin friendly. A balance that climbing gym owners and climbers will appreciate. Experience reduced climbing shoe wear compared to other climbing wall manufacturers.

Need more bite? Talon GRIP is the solution. All the benefits of our popular Velvet GRIP, with a slightly more abrasive texture for increased friction. Which is better? It's your choice. For climbing areas where smearing is more popular, opt for Talon GRIP.

Quality Materials

Volumes feature the same solid cabinet grade 3/4 inch 13ply birch that we use on IMPACT climbing walls. Using high-grade materials allows precise mitred cuts, so we can create uniquely complex shapes.

Fine Carpentry

Creating complex shapes takes the precision and patience of a fine carpenter. Our most skilled carpenters work on our volumes, exclusively. Each and every IMPACT volume is constructed without compromise.

High-Grade T-Nuts

High-grade serviceable T-Nuts ensure a long service life for our volumes. Recessed threads reduce risk of cross-threading.

Concave Washers

To maximize durability for the regular removal and installation of volumes in commercial climbing gyms, we use stainless steel concave washers in the pre-drilled mounting holes to prevent mounting screws from pulling through; a common problem with wooden climbing volumes. 

IMPACT Climbing Volumes are offered in 11 vibrant colours to match the most popular climbing hold colours in the industry. Custom colours are also available upon special request.

Vibrant Colours

Stained Wood Finishes

Beneath our proprietary Velvet GRIP and Talon GRIP surface texture lives beautiful birch wood grain. We offer 4 real wood finishes to show off the beauty and warmth of real wood climbing volumes: Natural, Provincial, Mahogany and Ebony. Custom stain options are also available upon special request.

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