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4 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Climbing Wall

Effective Solutions for Any Climbing Wall


Modular Volume Installation 

Adding climbing volumes to your climbing wall is a simple and effective way to change things up and refresh your climbing wall. From small, stackable designs to huge polyhedron behemoths, your route-setters can create exciting new paths with climbing volumes. These volumes are available in 38 different sizes and shapes, with more being developed constantly to fit our customers’ needs! Find out how these volumes can be used independently or in clusters to refresh your climbing wall experience here.

Has your once-great climbing wall begun to lose its appeal to climbers? Don’t fret — there are several ways that you can rejuvenate and refresh your climbing wall experience to keep climbers engaged for years to come. At Impact Climbing, we’re all about creating climbing wall experiences that last for years and can evolve in exciting, innovative ways. Here are just a few options available!

Colors and Finishes

You certainly shouldn’t underestimate just how effective some new color and wood finish can be when applied to your climbing wall. Stained wood finishes from Impact Climbing include crisp natural finishes, rich mahogany, and dark ebony finishes, all of which bring out the beauty in your climbing wall’s wood in different ways. Our climbing volumes are also available in 11 vibrant stock colors, or we can create a custom color just for you upon special request. If your wall is looking drab, it’s time to spruce it up with color!


Proprietary Grip Surface Treatment

We spent years developing our special proprietary grip surface treatments for climbing walls, and the results were two outstanding options — VelvetGRIP and TalonGRIP. These panel textures are totally unique in the climbing market, providing the perfect balance of grip and friction without absolutely tearing up climbers’ skin and shoes. If your climbing wall just isn’t cutting it anymore, maybe it’s time to get a grip with VelvetGRIP or TalonGRIP!

Find a Custom Solution

Maybe the solution for your climbing wall falls into the realm of custom services. Impact Climbing is an industry leader when it comes to designing climbing wall experiences. Our design and engineering team can realize your unique vision and custom-create a solution that is right for you. The result will be a climbing wall experience that is visually stunning and a joy to climb for years to come.


The mission of Impact Climbing is to be your singular destination for all things related to your climbing wall. If you are in need of a solution that wasn’t mentioned here, please feel free to reach out to us and speak to a climbing wall expert! We will find the right solution for you.